Papiers acceptés

Papiers acceptés

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Matteo Acclavio and Lutz StraßburgerCombinatorial Proofs for Constructive Modal Logic
Ruba Alassaf, Renate A. Schmidt and Uli SattlerSaturation-Based Uniform Interpolation for Multi-Agent Modal Logics
Philippe Balbiani and Saul Fernandez GonzalezParametrized modal logic: an introduction
Philippe Balbiani and Quentin GougeonProjective unification through duality
Johan van Benthem, Balder ten Cate and Raoul KoudijsLocal Dependence and Guarding
Alfredo Burrieza, Inmaculada Perez de Guzmán and Antonio Yuste-GinelA multi-modal logic for Galois connections
Ahmee ChristensenCompleteness for an Intuitionistic Modal Logic of Vagueness
Agata Ciabattoni, Lutz Straßburger and Matteo TesiTaming Bounded Depth with Nested Sequents
Ivano CiardelliDescribing neighborhoods in inquisitive modal logic
Petr Cintula, George Metcalfe and Naomi TokudaAlgebraic Semantics for One-Variable Lattice-Valued Logics
Willem Conradie and Mattia PanettiereModal inverse correspondence via ALBA
Tiziano DalmonteWijesekera-style constructive modal logics
Tiziano Dalmonte and Marianna GirlandoComparative plausibility in neighbourhood models: axiom systems and sequent calculi
Anupam Das and Sonia MarinModal logic and the polynomial hierarchy: from QBFs to K and back
Hans van Ditmarsch, Krisztina Fruzsa and Roman KuznetsA New Hope
Andrea De Domenico and Giuseppe GrecoAlgorithmic correspondence and analytic rules
Nicolas Fröhlich and Arne MeierSub-Model Enumeration of Kripke Structures in Modal Logic
Daniel Gaina, Guillermo Badia and Tomasz KowalskiRobinson consistency in many-sorted hybrid first-order logics
Rajeev Goré and Ian ShillitoDirect elimination of additive-cuts in GL4ip: verified and extracted.
Gianluca GrillettiMedvedev logic is the logic of finite distributive lattices without top element
Jim de GrootGoldblatt-Thomason Theorems for Modal Intuitionistic Logics
Robin Hirsch and Brett McLeanEXPTIME-hardness of higher-dimensional Minkowski spacetime
Wesley HollidayCompatibility and accessibility: lattice representations for semantics of non-classical and modal logics
Damian Kurpiewski, Wojtek Jamroga, Łukasz Maśko, Łukasz Mikulski, Witold Pazderski, Wojciech Penczek and Teofil SidorukVerification of Multi-Agent Properties in Electronic Voting: A Case Study
Guillaume MassasChoice-Free de Vries Duality
Satoru NikiIntuitionistic Modality and Beth Semantics
Hiroakira Ono and Katsuhiko SanoAnalytic Cut and Mints’ Symmetric Interpolation Method for Bi-intuitionistic Tense Logic
Eugenio Orlandelli and Matteo TesiLabelled sequent calculi for logics of strict implication
Mattia Panettiere and Apostolos TzimoulisGraded modal logic with a single modality
Jan Rooduijn and Lukas ZengerAn analytic proof system for common knowledge logic over S5
Denis I. Saveliev and Ilya ShapirovskyMedvedev’s logic and products of converse well orders
Igor Sedlar and Pietro VigianiRelevant Reasoners in a Classical World
Amirhossein Akbar TabatabaiProvability Logics of Hierarchies
Amirhossein Akbar Tabatabai, Rosalie Iemhoff and Raheleh JalaliUniform Lyndon interpolation for intuitionistic monotone modal logic
Haoyu Wang, Yanjing Wang and Yunsong WangAn Epistemic Interpretation of Tensor Disjunction

Papiers succincts (Brochure)

Willem Conradie, Valentin Goranko and Chantel MaraisOn the Priorean Temporal Logics of Trees
Sabine Frittella, Marta Bilkova, Daniil Kozhemiachenko, Ondrej Majer and Sajad NazariReasoning with probabilities and belief functions over Belnap–Dunn logic
Wesley Fussner and Peter JipsenStrict Implication Over Logics Without Contraction
Malvin GattingerA Verified Proof of Craig Interpolation for Basic Modal Logic via Tableaux in Lean
Marianna Girlando, Ekaterina Kubyshkina and Mattia PetroloA labelled proof system for ignorance
Daniil KhaitovichNeighbourhood semantics and axioms for strategic fragment of classical stit logic
Stanislav Kikot and Andrey KudinovOn strictly positive fragments of modal logics with confluence
Raoul Koudijs and Balder ten CateCharacterizing Modal Formulas with Examples
Andrey KudinovTopological product of S4.1 x S4
Stepan KuznetsovStrong R-completeness for the Product-Free Lambek Calculus with Intersection and Unit
Rui Li and Francesco BelardinelliA Sahlqvist-style Correspondence Theorem for Linear-time Temporal Logic LTL
René Mellema and Frank DignumLinking sanctions to norms in practice (short version)
Zalan MolnarBounded ultrafilter extensions and ultrafilter unions are elementary
Yoàv MontacuteCantor Derivative Logic in Topological Dynamics
Matteo Pascucci and Igor SedlárHyperintensional models for non-congruential modal systems
Daniel Rogozin and Ilya ShapirovskyOn decidable extensions of Propositional Dynamic Logic
Valentin ShehtmanSome new examples of Kripke complete modal predicate logics
Daniel SkurtThe smallest modal system
Naomi TokudaThe Dependence Problem in Varieties of Modal Semilattices
Yuanzhe YangLogics of true belief

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